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Seniors who are granted permission to drive their cars to school must meet the following criteria:

1) Must be a license driver
2) Must submit permission slip from their parent or guardian.
3) Must park in designated student parking area with FLHSstudent parking permit.
4) Loitering in the designated parking area is forbidden and you must have permission from Administration or a safety monitor to go to your car during the school day.
5) Seniors with permission to leave campus must have two consecutive free periods and parental permission mustbe on file.
6) You are expected to drive in a careful and responsible manner on and off campus.

Being granted permission to drive to school is considered a privilege and as such a student is expected to display qualities of good citizenship both in terms of their driving performance and general behavior in school. Therefore, any infraction of the driving regulations, inappropriate school behavior, or abuse of the attendance system will result in the possibility of a student’s driving privileges being rescinded.



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