Fox Lane High School

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To report an absence please call or email Cathy Pieragostini 241-6059/241-6042  

The attendance policy and procedures are based upon the following points:

Credit is earned for a complete unit of study. To complete a unit of study, a student must pass the course and/or Regents exam and not have absences in excess of 18 in a year long course or 9 in a semester course;

All class work and assignments must be done by all students all of the time;

The responsibility for good class attendance and completed work rests with the student;

School personnel are responsible for accurate attendance record keeping by period, consistent administration of detentions for illegal absences, and for communicating this information to the parents or guardians;

School personnel are responsible for providing the opportunity to make up work for legal absences.

When a student does not attend class for any reason, the absence(s) are recorded and tallied. The only absences from class that are not included, in the tally toward the 18 absences are school reassignments, i.e. homebound instruction, field trips, rotationals, student government meetings, suspensions, sectional sporting events, and guidance/mental health appointments. If a student exceeds 18 absences in a yearlong course or 9 in a semester course and does not have a valid appeal, an "E" will be posted for the course. The "E" is denoted for "excessive absences."

If the accumulated absences are at FIVE or more (two or more for semester courses) at the time of interim reports or report cards, a notation will be made on the report.

If the accumulated absences reach TEN (four in a semester course), a warning notice will be mailed home. The parent will be required to call and confirm with the teacher that you have received this notice and sign the form and return it.

If the accumulated absences reach FIFTEEN (six in semester courses), a final notice will be mailed home and the teacher will call home.

When the accumulated absences exceed 18 (nine in a semester course) the teacher will file an attendance letter indicating that the student is in jeopardy of being removed from the course with an "E" posted. The student has the right to appeal within five (5) days of being notified of exceeding the attendance limit In the course.

Each cut must be addressed. An after-school detention will satisfy making up this class time with the teacher. If the student chooses not to attend the detention a referral will be made to the Dean. The Dean may also assign after-school detention.

There are two circumstances that may warrant a review of the attendance policy as it will apply, or has applied, to a student. To help in these cases and to ensure that all absences from class are treated as equal, we have established an appeals process.

Case I
The student has an ongoing medical, professional, etc., set of circumstances that will predictably cause a large number of absences. The student should write an appeal letter to the principal and copy the letter to his or her guidance counselor. This letter should be written and filed early in the school year with the principal's secretary. This will ensure that there is ample time for a viable plan to be developed.

Case II
If the parent or child thinks there is unfairness or inequity as pertains to the application of the attendance policy, the following steps must be taken:

The student discusses the situation with the teacher within five school days of the absence in question.

If the complaint is not resolved to the student's satisfaction, the department
coordinator is next to be consulted within five school days.

If the complaint remains unresolved, the student must submit in writing, within five days of an unsatisfactory response by the coordinator, a grievance to the Principal, which must include the name, class schedule, home address and telephone number of the grievant; name of parent/ guardian; a brief statement of the facts; why there is unfairness; name of the teacher and when the teacher was consulted; name of coordinator and date consulted; and the date of filing of the grievance.

The principal will convene a review panel composed of 2 students and 2 teachers on the attendance appeals committee and a decision will be made within five school days of receipt of the appeal.

The student remains in the class until the appeal is completed.

The purpose of having an appeals process is to ensure that all absences are treated as equal and that there is accuracy and fairness in the application of the policy.

A student reassigned from a course for excessive absences will not receive credit and an “E” will be posted on the student’s record.