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Capital Projects Progress

Welcome to the section of the website dedicated to Capital Projects.    After many years of researching, planning and discussing, the proposed capital project plan was approved by the community in October 2013.  


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This section will be updated to include new information as it becomes available.

Summer Construction Projects    August 2014
What would a summer in the Bedford Central School District be without some construction and building alteration projects happening?  It wouldn’t be summer. 

 As soon as the school year ended in June, the District embarked on the first phase of the $31.8 million capital improvement plan approved by the voters in October of 2013.  Roof replacement projects at some of our elementary schools have progressed nicely.  As of the first week in August, the Bedford Village Elementary School roof project was 75% complete; Bedford Hills Elementary School roof project was 65% complete; and Pound Ridge Elementary School roof work will commence when the teams from the other two projects move to that building.  All three projects are slated to be completed before the opening of school in September.

The complete replacement of the Fox Lane Campus track and turf field project is well on its way.  All the underbelly field drainage work was completed and over 2,000 tons of gravel was installed to enhance drainage capabilities. The field surface was then ready for the turf installation which is scheduled to commence the week of August 25th.  Contractors will next focus on the replacement track and the “D” area sections where track meet events occur.  Asphalt paving of those areas will occur right after the sites are prepared.  The asphalt requires a 25-30 day “curing” period to allow oils to work their way out of the asphalt prior to the application of the rubberized surface for the track.  During the ‘curing’ period the track and field may “look” ready for use but it is very important to keep off of the track and field.  The field cannot be opened before the track is fully completed.  It is an “all or nothing” situation.  We thank the public for being patient while we complete the final phases of this construction. We are still on schedule for the mid-October opening of the track and field. 

 Other capital improvements not associated with the bond projects have also been occurring. The replacement of floors in nine Pound Ridge Elementary School classrooms have been completed.  Septic system upgrades at West Patent and Bedford Village elementary schools are underway and are expected to be completed by late August.  District wide continued security improvements including door access controls and camera installations are progressing well and will continue throughout the school year.  The renovation of the Fox Lane High School courtyard to provide an outdoor performance, display and teaching space, sponsored and paid for by the Friends of Arts and Music Education (FAME), is underway.  When completed, this facility will enhance teaching opportunities and provide a space adjacent to the high school art gallery where the arts can continue to flourish.

               Just another typical and exciting summer of construction in the Bedford Central School District! 

  P.S. To all track walkers: We have set up a 1/2 mile  ‘course’ on the campus so you can walk safely and under lights until 10 pm.  Look for the ‘Fox Paw Prints’ signs starting in the Central office parking lot.   

Capital Projects Move Forward

Last June, after several years of research, meetings, and public input, the Board of Education approved the scope of a $31.8 million capital projects plan to put before the community. On October 22nd, the voters approved the capital projects for which we are appreciative.  And now the construction begins.

At the December 4, 2013 regular Board of Education meeting, construction manager Paul Tozzi from Arris Contracting and architect Armand Quadrini from KSQ Architects presented the proposed construction schedule for the approved capital improvement projects.      

Working with District administration and the State Education Department’s Division of Facilities Planning, Mr. Tozzi and Mr. Quadrini developed a schedule that seeks to balance the District’s renovation needs with the State Education Department’s (SED) ability to timely review and approve construction plans.

The schedule showed that the three roof replacement projects (one at Bedford Hills, Bedford Village and Pound Ridge Elementary Schools) would be submitted to NYSED in Albany for review before the end of calendar year 2013, which was done.  Upon approval from NYSED, the roof projects will be put out to bid and subsequently awarded.  We  anticipate the roof replacement work to begin in the summer of 2014 with a completion expected in early fall of 2014.

The District is also anticipating the approval of the project for the replacement of the track and turf athletic field on the Fox Lane Campus which was also submitted to NYSED.  Once approval from the State is received, we expect the construction to begin this summer with completion during the fall.

The next scheduled project is the design of the first phase of construction at West Patent Elementary School.  Phase 1 will include executing the site work and necessary drainage improvements to draw water away from the building infrastructure.  With State approval, we plan to start this work by mid-summer and complete it by the end of the 2014 calendar year. 

Phase 2 at West Patent, consisting of roof, façade and other building exterior renovations, is anticipated to commence in January 2015 and to be completed by the end of summer 2015. 

Phase 3 at West Patent,  which includes interior renovations, project-based classroom configuration and lighting replacements, will begin in June 2016 and be completed for the opening of school in September 2016.

Fox Lane Middle School is planned to receive a gut rehabilitation of its science labs, modest renovations to the three house lobbies and work spaces, roof replacements on the central and gym buildings, an addition of a multipurpose room to the cafeteria wing and new elevators for equal access for the disabled.  Construction of these projects should commence in June 2015 and be completed by the spring of 2016.  

Included in the list of projects are a number of roof sections scheduled for replacement at Fox Lane High School.  Construction will be completed in two phases occurring in the summer of 2015 and the balance of the work completed in the summer of 2016. 

The final project to be undertaken will be the replacement of the existing subsurface potable water piping distribution system on the Fox Lane Campus.  This over 60 year old system which supplies the drinking and hydrant water for all the buildings on campus, will be replaced during the summer of 2016.