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Audit Committee

2016-2017 Audit Committee Membership
Members: Colette Dow,, Board of Education (chairperson), 
Ed Reder, Board of Education
Beth Staropoli, Board of Education
 Wendy Morin, Community Member
Patrick Saxton, Community Member
Meetings: minimum 3 times per year

Click here to access Audit Committee documents.

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the accuracy and interactive communication of the Bedford Central School District website, the Audit Committee has updated a link on the website.  The Audit Committee, established in 2005, is a standing committee of the Board of Education. The Committee, which meets at least three times per year, consists of three Board of Education members (one of who in also on the Finance Committee) and two community members.  The task of the Committee is to review all audits, reports, and practices related to the fiscal operations of the District and then to present their findings and any recommended actions to the entire Board of Education.

Currently on the website, you can access the following as they become available:

  • The Audit Committee Charter
  • Independent Auditors' Reports
  • Risk Assessment Updates
  • Internal Audit Reports
  • New York State Comptrollers' Reports
  • Audit Committee Meeting Minutes 

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