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Dr. Christopher M. Manno

Phone: (914) 241-6000

Superintendent of Schools

Dear Bedford Central School District Families and Community:

The school year is well underway and we have completed with the design of action plans to achieve our BIG TEN District Goals. These goals include:

  1. Strategic Planning.
  2. Budget development.
  3. Comprehensive communications plan. 
  4. Resolve negotiations.
  5. Curriculum Review and program initiatives.
  6. Improve BCSD Policies.
  7. Create a special education action plan.
  8. New Board of Education meeting cycle.
  9. Fill leadership positions.
  10. Space and Enrollment Community Advisory Committee work.

For the first time, every school shares goals and objectives under three broad areas - Communication, Special Education and Inclusion, and Curriculum and Program.

We have initiated our District-wide Strategic Planning Initiative. We seek to include constituents from all segments of the school community, including students, staff, administrators, Board members, parent organization leaders and participants, community leaders and officials, and others. The overarching purposes of strategic planning are to uncover shared values, recommit to a refreshed Mission, or purpose for why we exist as an educational institution, clarify a Vision for what achievement of that Mission would look like, identify BIG Goals that will help us continually move toward the realization of that Vision, and to identify critical issues that must be addressed through near-term objectives. The Strategic Plan not only presents a long-range Vision for the district but also recognizes any Plan as dynamic in nature with the need to be nimble and adapt to changing environments and realities on an annual basis. Therefore, in addition to the plan, an annual process of refreshing the plan, and reporting out on progress are of a critical nature. 

At this time all Board subcommittees have reorganized and conducted several meetings. The Board of Education recognizes that community involvement is a key ingredient to the attainment of the District’s mission, standing goals, and annual goals. Our Community Advisory Committees are established and organized. These committees include the Space and Enrollment Community Advisory Committee, the Budget Community Advisory Committee, and the Student Achievement Community Advisory Committee. Other important committees include The Audit Committee and the Safety Committee. We are in the process of reorganizing these groups as well.

I would like to again commend our entire staff and administration for their hard work to make the opening of school positive and productive for our students. Back-to-School nights were heavily attended and were high in energy and enthusiasm for a great start to the school year. I would also like to thank the many parents and volunteers who helped in so many ways to get us off to a great school year. Back-to-School Nights continue next week and are all listed on our District Events Calendar.

In Service,

Chris Manno


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Dr. Christopher M. Manno, Superintendent of Schools

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